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Updated 3 Aug 2014

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Muzzarelli

Professor Emeritus of Enzymology; Doctor of Chemistry; Ph.D. Applied Radiochemistry.

Riccardo A.A. Muzzarelli is best known for his scientific endeavour in elucidating the chemical and biochemical characteristic properties of chitins and chitosans, and for his charisma that enabled him to bring together scientists of the diverse backgrounds, interested in disparate aspects of chitins in nature and technology. In fact, he acted as organizer and chairman of the 1st International Conference on Chitin and Chitosan, Boston, 1977, sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he presented his first book entitled "Chitin" published by Pergamon Press, Oxford.


He is currently one of the seven Editors of the Elsevier journal “Carbohydrate Polymers”, and a member of the Scientific Board of "International Journal of Biological Macromolecules".